Grupo Vida

Grupo Vida was originated in 1982 with the vision to offer consumers a healthy diet through products of high quality standards that are innovative, nutritious and delicious at competitive prices.

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Under this premise, we decided to bring granola to all consumers and we created the concept of granola with its benefits as it is known today, at that time in Mexico the granola did not exist, it could only be found at homes where housewives cooked by hand or also could be found In a few health food stores to be consumed almost exclusively by vegetarians as a source of protein.

Granola Granvita stands out as the most successful in the market by creating a recipe that avoided the formation of clusters (oat flakes glued during cooking) to develop granola with loose flakes, due to the success that it had other brands imitated it. In addition, always visionary, we were the first company to market the oat flakes packed in a plastic bag so the consumer could see through to be able to appreciate the product, something that it is not achieved with the cardboard container in which they are normally sold.

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Finally, we noticed that there was no instant oatmeal option for people who cannot eat sugar, and decided to launch de 0% sugar line and we managed to be leaders in sales within this segment offering a wide variety of flavors and a presentation for every need.

Our Mission

We create enriching experiences for your senses to healthy feed and nourish you.

Our Vision

To achieve a healthy world to live in, where all people are aware that the source of their well-being and that of their loved ones is a healthy nutrition.