We attend the needs of food assistance programs in public and private institutions throughout the country. To promote a healthy diet in all social groups, with products that really help nourish and prevent health complications.

Grupo Vida represents leading brands in food products that integrate various pantries and an extensive line of products focused on the alimentary government support programs at national level; A clear example is the attention to government agencies that receive contributions exclusively for these programs, such as the DIF (Integral development of the family) and SEDESOL(the Secretariat for Social Development).

To whom it benefits?

Single mothers

Elderly people

Undernourished children

Marginalized areas

Attention to dependencies

What products we contribute?


Basic food products

School breakfasts

Fortified oats with vitamins A and B

Oatmeal Cookies

Fortified with calcium, vitamins A and B

Wheat Cereal

Fortified with iron, vitamins A, B, and folic acid

Oatmeal Bars

Fortified with calcium, vitamins A and B

How to know what the population needs?

The public Organization for the Integral development of the family (DIF) does a previous population study twelve months prior to requiring the products with specific nutrient amounts according to the needs for each person of a certain sector of the population that needs to be intervened.