Granvita is a brand of Grupo Industrial Vida, a 100% Mexican company, with more than 30 years of experience manufacturing and marketing products that offer a more natural, healthy and nutritious option for the consumer, we are the market leader in oats packed in a bag and granola in México.

Our goal is to offer healthy foods with functional benefits for our consumers and for that reason we offer you a wide portfolio of products for the entire family.

Productos de consumo

Granola con Frutas Bolsa Resellable de 400g

Variedad de Sabores Caja de 280g

Sabor Avena Arándanos y Chispas de Yogurt Tubo de 90g

Con Arándanos y Mora Azul Bolsa Pouch Resellable de 350g

Sabor Fresa con Arándanos Caja de 132g


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